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Always fast Internet and never affected by your neighbour's downloading

We`ve offered Internet Service since 1994!

No Contracts, Great Pricing, Copious amounts of Bandwidth, ADSL or Cable Internet. Plus add our award winning Customer Service staff. These are a few features we are proud to offer.

ADSL accounts are provided the following features:

  • Always fast, it`s a dedicated connection. You don`t share your service with the web hogs down the road!
  • Service is available to millions of Canadians across Western Canada, BC and Alberta
  • Can be installed with active phone service or without (Naked ADSL)
  • 5 E-mail Accounts for the Whole Family
  • 24-Hour connection (always on)
  • Spam Filtering - Keeping your e-mail account free of common spam
  • E-mail Virus Scanning - Your E-mail messages are scanned for viruses
  • Canadian Tech Support 7 Days a week
  • Customers with a telephone line we can offer you 2.9 cents per min Long Distance for North America

The #1 Technical Support Department

(Multiple recipient of Consumer's Choice award for Business excellence for customer support and Internet Service)

Streaming Video? What speed do you need.

Internet Service speeds required for popular video streaming providers:

    Netflix, Roku, Chromecast, Hulu Plus, and Vudu's general speed requirements*
  • 1.0 Mbps - 2.3 Mbps Recommended for SD video
  • 2.3 Mbps - 4.5 Mbps Recommended for 720p HD video
  • 4.5 Mbps - 9.0 Mbps Recommended for "best" or 1080p HD video
  • 9.0 Mbps - Recommened for 3D HD movies
  • 25.0 Mbps - Recommended for Ultra HD 4K quality
* the speeds are estimated values within each of the providers requested technical specifications.

Would you like to see how much bandwidth Netflix streaming consumes per hour?
Click here to see what Netflix reports.

ADSL Internet Service

Available Across Alberta and British Columbia

ADSL Benefits: A dedicated internet line. Always Fast, even at primetime

Amazing SPECIAL - Expires Sept 30, 2016

Activation fee waived...........$75.00 Savings!

Network System Fee waived.......$4.95/mo Savings!

Naked ADSL(dry) Rate Band Fee........$10.00-$25.00/mo Savings!

Naked (dry)Copper Activation Fee.....$37.00 Savings!

Choose Unlimited Bandwidth for ......$5.00/mo!

Monthly Specials carry with the life of the adsl port.

Maximum Download Speed
Maximum Upload Speed Monthly Bandwidth Allowance Unlimited Bandwidth Monthly Cost
6.0 Mbps
1.0 Mbps
325 Gigs $5.00/mo $29.95/mo
15.0 Mbps
1.0 Mbps
325 Gigs $5.00/mo $39.95/mo
25.0 Mbps
3.0 Mbps
325 Gigs $5.00/mo $44.95/mo
50.0 Mbps
10.0 Mbps
325 Gigs $5.00/mo $64.95/mo
100 Mbps
20.0 Mbps
325 Gigs $5.00/mo $74.95/mo
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