Long Distance Savings
Our premium long distance service for your
     home phone combines service and reliability.

Save money every month on
    your regular home phone

Lightspeed's Long Distance gives you the best of both worlds, it's convenient to use and you save money. Call when you want any time of the day or night, not when your phone company allows you to. Call as little or as often as you like. Lightspeed does not charge a $1.00 minimum per call to qualify for great Domestic or International rates like other companies. It's 2.9 cents a minute for the majority of Canada excluding the Yukon and North West Territories and some independent regions. The United States is 2.9 cents per minute excluding Alaska and Hawaii. The UK is 4.0 per minute with the exception of the Cellular phones and Toll. It's that simple. Just pick up your phone and dial.

With our low priced direct dial rates you keep you current telephone company and we just look after your long distance. Aside from the great rates there are other advantages. No need to dial 10-10 or a one 1-800 number first, just dial like you always have. It's easy to switch and save. Also our 56k Dial-up Internet Service customers can be bundled with an unlimited access plan with Lightspeed Long Distance to save even more.

Check out the rates below and compare:

Lightspeed's simple, low-priced Long Distance makes staying in touch easy and inexpensive. Our direct dial long distance service provides our clients with crystal clear voice quality with worldwide fantastic rates and no confusing time periods.

Our Service Provides You:

  • Great rates any time of day or night
  • Quality reliable long distance service for business and home
  • No long 10-10 or 1-800 numbers to dial
  • Low rates on both national and international calls
  • Detailed invoice reporting

*Download an Order Form and fax it to 604-482-1191

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Special Canadian rates: 15 cents a minute to Yukon, NWT, and Nunavut.
Alaska and Hawaii special rates are 10 cents a minute.
A monthly system access fee of $1.00 is required

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