Save Away From Home
Great long distance rates for your cell
     phone, hotel or a payphone when you're not home.

Take your Lightspeed Calling
    Card when you travel

We are always trying to find ways to save our customers money at Lightspeed, and our Virtual Calling Card is yet another way you can save.

If you have regular telephone service and are signed up to take advantage of our Discount Long Distance Savings then you can have a Virtual Calling Card as well. This is the perfect solution for those traveling throughout North America or someone who just wants to avoid the high cost of long distance on their cell phones.

Using the Virtual Calling Card is easy; you simply call the toll free number, punch in the required security information and then the number you wish to dial. If you are using it with a cell phone you can pre-program the numbers into the phone for even greater convenience.

Compared to the cell phone long distance rates of up to 30 cents a minute for some calls, our 10 cent per minute rate for calls anywhere in Canada and the United States is a real bargain. Also, when you compare Lightspeed’s Virtual Calling Card against what the other guys offer, it’s easy to see why so many people use this money saving service.

One Minute Call
21 cents
15 cents
10 cents
Monthly Plan Fee
$1.95 - $24.95
No Monthly Fee
Rates taken from respective websites on 26/02/07.

To sign up for our Virtual Calling Card just call our office during regular business hours to add this service to your existing Lightspeed Long Distance, or sign up for Lightspeed’s Long Distance and check off the Virtual Calling Card box.

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