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Just what can Lightspeed's core Cisco network do for you?

Pretty much everyone knows who Cisco is, if you don't just type it into a search engine and you'll quickly discover that they are the major powerhouse in enterprise level networking. Why is this important to know, because our entire core network at Lightspeed is the latest in cutting edge Cisco hardware? Now what does this mean to you?

Businesses are fully aware that this means increased stability and functionality, but the individual Lightspeed customer only knows that their connection has been rock solid since we replaced the entire network core in 2005. This not only improves the stability and quality of all our ADSL connections and delivery, but it also lays the ground work for the future as we are the only company in Western Canada that can boast that our entire network's core functionality is a Priority Network.

The future is out there and Lightspeed is ready for it right now. Our network is designed to allow us to do data and packet shaping across the entire network. What that means is that our QOS (Quality Of Service) has rocketed skyward. No longer is data voice and video all mixed into one large flowing river like the other guys are doing. We can give each type of informational packet its own priority. Voice and video have to be handled first because these are streamed direct from point to point across the Internet. We all have experienced the choppy video and broken up radio station, all caused by packet loss. Our Priority Network improves your connection and for the future that is important.

Already Lightspeed has deployed a cutting edge Digital Phone (VoIP) service and the future surely holds much more steamed media such as movies and television. We have the future clearly in our sights and as the only Internet Service Provider in Western Canada with a complete core network of this type of service is just better.

Businesses, Homes, Schools, people just picking up their email may never know that they are using the most sophisticated connection possible, but they are. It's just part of our commitment to the future and our customers.

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