At Times Less is Better
Naked ADSL gives you flexibility and quality without
     the additional cost of phone or cable service.

Naked ADSL, highspeed ADSL Internet with no phone

Businesses now have the option of getting Naked ADSL Highspeed internet in BC and Alberta.

Naked ADSL Highspeed is a fast Internet connection provided through the public telephone system, without the need for a telephone, plain and simple. This type of service is something that businesses across Western Canada have been asking for for almost a decade now, and since June 1st 2006 we have been able to offer it to businesses for the first time.

This changes the landscape of Internet availability dramatically in Western Canada since your business can now get an Internet connection without the additional cost of maintaining an unwanted telephone line. If you are a business that utilizes VoIP technology like Lightspeed's Dolphin Tel Service you now can have your Internet in one place and say good-bye to the overpriced solution you have now.

Redundancy is always a major concern for larger businesses today and Lightspeed has the perfect solution, Naked ADSL Highspeed Internet. We have our own network, the only Cisco Priority core Network in Western Canada. We are an independent solution for Internet connections, which means when Telus and Shaw have service outages, we don't. Since our core network upgrade of June 2005, our network uptime has been a consistent 99.97% each month and now you don't need to install a phone line to get this reliability.

There are many reasons for your business to switch to Naked ADSL highspeed Internet. Call us today to discover all the reasons why, and how Lightspeed can make you yet another satisfied customer.

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