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From new installs to existing networks and all the
    hardware in between, we have the technicians

Complete IT and networking services are now mobile

Lightspeed is staffed by a diverse multi-talented team of people with a combined experience of decades in the Internet, Networking and general IT sectors. With our mobile services you can take full advantage of all this expertise.

Small, mid-sized, or even enterprise level companies with their own IT departments use our services and you should be too for the same reasons they do. A cost effective, fast, qualified and knowledgeable technical solution to all your IT problems makes your business more stable and profitable, and that's what Lightspeed's objective is for all our clients.

LAN Installation and Support

Lightspeed can provide a wide range of turnkey networks, including hardware and software solutions. We can install and configure your firewalls, external and internal server installation, Windows file and printer sharing, router configuration and much more. We can also provide remote access support, enabling us to fix your network and PC's through the internet from our office.

Emergency Service

Don't panic! - Lightspeed's experts are on the job. Whether it's a Server or hardware failure, we can help restore your valuable information in the event of a system breakdown. Our services include (and are not limited to) hard drive restoration, file corruptions, Virus infections and rebuilding Servers and Server Services.

Security/Virus Protection

We will keep you current with the latest Virus updates and remove any current infections. Once your network is clean it is critical to protect servers and desktop machines from future infections. There are many solutions available such as desktop Virus software, Server Protection and Firewall Level protection. Call for further information.

Monthly Maintenance

Printer errors, crashing machines, virus and windows updates - schedule a 2 hour appointment once a month to fix any computer annoyance in your network.

VPN Configuration and Expansion

With the new 11GHz technology, firms now have greater speed and flexibility required in today's office environment. Our technicians are successfully deploying wireless for many firms with difficult building structures and also adding wireless option to an existing fixed wired environment.

Data Cabling

Complete data cabling services are available. New locations, or existing structures, we can install CAT5, Patch panels, Fibre Optic pulls and complete internal telephone wiring.


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