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56k dialup technology is the original Internet
     connection. It's economical, portable and it works.

Dial up Internet, cost effective service available now

Dial-up Internet service is what Lightspeed started serving business clients in 1994 as Internet Lightspeed and we still provide a bedrock stable, economic 56k Dial-up service today.

Even with our complete network of coverage for Highspeed internet in Western Canada there is still a place for 56k Dial-up connections in today's fast paced world of business. Our 56k Dial-up customers are in all industries from large to small business and all are impressed with our service.

Retail is still the biggest user of 56k Dial-up with point of sale terminals slowly moving to Highspeed Internet connections. The vast majority still only require an intermittent connection. 56K Dial-up Service from Lightspeed is perfect for this and the small requirements some remote locations might have for email and Internet connectivity as well.

On the road operations like traveling sales staff, field agents and such have found our 56k Dial-up service perfect for retrieving email from almost anywhere they are, as they only need access to a telephone line.

Lightspeed started delivering our now famous 56k Dial-up Service in the heyday boom of the dot com era and out of the 40 plus companies that have come and gone we are still here today as the number three Internet provider in Western Canada. The reason is simple, it's an economically priced product with superior customer support.

Call us today to discuss your business needs, we can get you connected in minutes to our 56k Dial-up service. It's fast, reliable and economical, just like Lightspeed itself.

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