Virtual Calling Cards
Your business can now enjoy the same great
    long distance savings when not in the office.

Use with a cell phone, pay phone, any phone and save

The perfect solution to your business long distance outside of the office is now available from Lightspeed Communications.

Extend your money saving Lightspeed Long Distance even outside the office by making calls from anywhere in Canada where there is a telephone. For the businesses on the go we offer a simple virtual Calling Card. This allows you to place calls anywhere in Canada to any other point inside Canada for only 10 cents a minute. Compared to overpriced cellular calls that your company makes regularly, this is the best of all worlds.

Consolidate your calls, get a detailed record for a non-prepaid service that is just billed along with your business' Lightspeed Long Distance service that you have on your office telephones. It's simple, easy to use and saves you money, and those are the three things we strive for most for our customers at Lightspeed.

Compared to the cell phone long distance rates of up to 30 cents a minute for some calls, our 10 cent per minute rate for calls anywhere in Canada and the United States is a real bargain. Also when you compare Lightspeed’s Virtual Calling Card against what the other guys offer it’s easy to see why so many people use this money saving service.

One Miniute Call
21 cents
15 cents
10 cents
Monthly Plan Fee
$1.95 - $24.95
No Monthly Fee
Rates taken from respective websites on 26/02/07.

To sign up for our Virtual Calling Card just call our office during regular business hours to add this service to your existing Lightspeed Long Distance, or sign up for Lightspeed’s Long Distance and check off the Virtual Calling Card box.

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