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You just heard of us......

We are 2 time winner's of the Consumer's Choice Award for Business Excellence for 2006 and 2009.

When your Internet service is working well one rarely comments about the service provider. If your Internet fails it's a major source of conversation and concern. "Lightspeed is happy to quietly be your Internet Partner."

Since 1994 we have designed an industry leading stable High Speed Internet Product. Uptime and Stability is our foundation and it's just the beginning. Our High Speed Internet service has many strengths and advantages.

Listed below is a few of our strengths:

  1. Monitored Circuits - Our business internet connections are monitored by our proprietary alerting software. If your Internet connections fails loses conectivity for any reason our Technicians are notified. We use a similar procedure that a monitored alarm company reacts during a break in at your building. Our service can be extremely useful for backup circuits. You may not know if your backup is working well until that moment you need it. We monitor your circuit regardless of the amount of internet activity.

  2. Our main Internet backbone is partnered with a series of multiple fibre lines balanced for backup and configured for fast low latency routing into major local and international cities.

  3. We have a converged High Speed Network. Our connections are delivered locally between our customers high speed circuits for greater security with smooth data delivery for demanding 2 way services such as video and voice. Seeing is believing, video between two locations is impressive.

  4. Our core routers are configured for Plug and Play connectivity and/or Public Hard Coded Static IP's. Plug your router into the wall and your Internet experience will begin. Request a Static IP and configure a demanding service without any worry of your IP address expiring.

  5. We provide Technical Support Immediately. Speak to a real person. Give us a try, see how long it takes to reach a representative. Our stable High Speed services reduces user calls so a friendly technical support representative is always available and waiting to speak to you.

Our Internet Service installs seamlessly in Alberta and British Columbia on Rogers, Bell/Group Telecom, Telus, Allstream and many other smaller telephone service providers. The table below provides three options of monthly pricing for Business Highspeed ADSL. Companies that do not have an active business Telephone line can also choose our Naked ADSL option. Naked ADSL is High Speed Internet Services delivered over bare copper wire.

Bus A Bus B Bus C
Download Speed (Max) ‡ 6.0 Mbps 15.0 Mbps 25.0 Mbps
Upload Speed (Max) ‡ 1.0 Mbps 1.0 MBps 5.0 MBps
Unlmimted Data Traffic Monthly $60.95 $74.95 $84.95
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Modem Included. $49.95 Value $49.95 Value $49.95 credit
Static IPs 2 2 2
Email Accounts 20 20 20
Spam Control Included Included Included
Anti Virus Filter Included Included Included

  Download an Order Form and fax it to 604-482-1191

A few businesses and franchises we provide service to.

Require faster upload speeds? The plans below are designed for companies that require faster speeds for large offices and demanding 2-way applications such as vpn's, voice, video streaming, day trading and large files. We can install this product in most areas of British Columbia and Alberta including the northern area's of the provinces. Below are a few speed options and pricing to provide some service examples.Please call our Corporate Sales Team for more information.

Monthly Rate Traffic Allowance
12.0 Mbps Down - 2.0 Mbps Up $181.90 Unlimited
30.0 Mbps Down - 2.0 Mbps Up $199.80 Unlimited
50.0 Mbps Down - 10.0 Mbps Up $239.80 Unlimited
75.0 Mbps Down - 15.0 Mbps Up $319.00 Unlimited
200.0 Mbps Down - 40.0 Mbps Up $949.90 Unlimited

Lightspeed's Cable service is not like your regular local cable companies product. Our Cable Internet was designed to power business applications to the technology's best ability. Together with our award winning customer service team waiting to assist you. We are sure your organisation will be impressed. Please Contact one of our Corporate Sales Representatives @ 1-866-798-0906 for more information

Our Cable Internet Service is available throughout British Columbia and Alberta including Vancouver Island

Cable 15 Cable 30 Cable 60 Cable 120 Cable 250
Download Speed‡ 15.0 Mbps 30.0 Mbps 60.0 Mbps 120.0 Mbps 250.00 Mbps
Upload Speed‡ 512Kbps 2.5 Mbps 3.0 Mbps 5.0 Mbps 15.0 Mbps
Monthly Data Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dynamic IP Included 1 1 1 1 1
Static IP Included 1 1 1 1 1
E-mail Accounts 15 25 25 25 25
Email Spam Filtering Panel Free Free Free Free Free
E-mail Anti-Virus Filtering Free Free Free Free Free
Setup Fee† $34.95 $34.95 $34.95 $34.95 $34.95
Thomson Docsis 3.0 Modem 85.00 85.00 85.00 85.00 85.00
Monthly Fee $49.95/mo $69.95/mo $95.95/mo $239.00mo $289.00mo
Promotion Until Sept 30, 2016. Monthly Rate for the First 12 Months. $34.95/mo $45.95/mo $75.95/mo $175.95mo $239.00mo

Switching from your current cable company is easy with no downtime. No Setup Fee if you currently have active Cable Internet Service. Start saving today!

Add Services to Your Business Account:

  • Domain Name Registration Services, .com, .ca, .net, .biz, .org
  • Customized Web Hosting Solutions with your own company E-mail Control Panel
  • 1-800 Services. New numbers available and porting your existing numbers to us. Long Distance calling in Canada and the USA for 2.9 a minute anytime
  • We are the Parent Company of www.Dolphintel.com offering VOIP, IP Phone Sales and Support including Hosted PBX, SIP trunks with DID's canada wide and USA.

* Highspeed ADSL service available to clients using Telus, Allstream telephone service, some restrictions apply. Naked ADSL service, no active telephone service, is available throughout BC and Alberta, conditions and a variable tarrif apply based on location. Please call for complete details.

† No Setup Fee for ADSL Requires Self Installation by the customer. Building inside wiring is the customer's responsibility and can be installed by a Lightspeed Technician at an additional charge. Cable service will include installation to the modem by a Lightspeed Cable tech. Nework configuration is the customers responsiblity. Professional Site Installation is available by one of our Mobile Network Technicians as a paid service.

‡ADSL download and Upload speeds can be affected by copper wire conditions, line noise and other factors. Cable speeds listed can be affected by distance and other network conditions.

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